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OA Short film

This is “OA”, the first animated 3D shortfilm I worked in.
It was preselected to Goya´s 2015 edition “BEST NATIONAL ANIMATION SHORTFILM” award.
It won the “Best National Animation Shortfilm” – Mundos Digitales Awards – 2014, and I am very proud of it.
In this project I had the opportunity of modeling, texturing and shading lots of sets and props. I also spent many hours with hair&fur plugins to create grass!
We were a bunch of 3D nerds. We had passion, energy and a bunker with computers….but no idea of movie making. In spite of this, we were able to make such a beautiful short movie with the help of the great professionals Aitor Herrero, Raul Colomer and Jaime Maestro.
Thanks to my mates, what you see is thanks to all our effort. Thanks to our tutors. We had fun and though moments, but it became such an enrichment experience!